The Assyrians


The Our Students: The Assyrians Senior immigrants and refugees who participate in the many programs offered by CLESE member agencies come from over 30 countries. Those who have enrolled in our Bright Ideas classes come from Bosnia, the Ukraine, Iran, Iraq, the Philippines, and China. Many are refugees from war torn countries.

Others came to America seeking refuge from religious oppression. Each must face many challenges, creating a new life for themselves in a new country, coping with loss of family and home, dealing with the trauma of war, and the problems we must all deal with: health, finances, security, and meaning in life.

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Many, but not all, have family members in the United States. They tend to live in neighborhoods with others from their home country. Now, in the Bright Ideas classes, they are making friends with other students from all over the world.

Not the least of their problems is learning English.

BalmesMy name is Balmes. I am Assyrian from Iraq. I have three children. I like to cook and clean the home and wash clothes. I have been here 7 months. My favorite is chicken. I was very happy to see you and other friends in the party. I liked the best food from your country fry roll meat. Thank you. Very much.

My Name Bana from Iraq. I came here 1994. I live in Chicago. We here very happy freedom. I am working tailor. I am married. I don’t have children. It was good party with nice dancing and lunch.

Khanneh Adam

My name is Khanneh Adam. I live in Chicago. I am married. I have three kids. Two sons and one daughter very well. Live in Chicago and are very happy in the USA. I have one sister. She lives in Denmark. And one brother. He lives in Russia.

Emmanuel Esho

We are very happy. It was very nice day. We are very happy with my friend Chinese, Assyrian, Bosnian, Romanian and Russian. We are all very happy after we dance and sing all together. After we eat food and drink tea and coffee after we eat fruit. Thank you very much for everybody.
Thanks for my teacher. For you friend.

Farjia Eli

Hi my name is Farjia Eli. I am from Iraq Assyrian Baghdad. I am working at home. I like going to school. Very happy. Good bye. I am very happy. Thank you.


I am Assyrian from in Iraq. I am married. I have five children, three boys and two girls. I Live in Chicago


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