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CLESE is committed to a vision of equal access to services for all elderly, regardless of ethnicity or language. As a coalition, CLESE works to increase awareness of the needs, rights, and unique contributions of limited-English-speaking elderly and the community-based organizations that serve them.

 CLESE promotes understanding, sensitivity, and insight into culturally diverse communities. CLESE is a resource to ethnic agencies by providing assistance and information. Fifty four community-based ethnic organizations can be reached by contacting CLESE.

As part of its efforts to better serve limited English-speaking older adults, CLESE has commissioned this report to provide objective information on their demographic, social and economic characteristics. This portrait of the community reveals a highly diverse population representing numerous languages and places of origin.

Service providers, advocates, policy makers and others will note that limited English-speaking older adults are important to the fabric of our region and their needs deserve careful consideration from us all. To read further, please download the CLESE LEP Report as a PDF.

CLESE builds strong connections between ethnic service providers and state and government agencies:

Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly (CLESE)
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